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Daffodil thumbnail

Daffodil in a field, golden sky afternoon, Skagit Valley, Seattle, WA.

Daffodil, Field

Fish thumbnail
I didn’t make it out to the fish market until close to 6am, which is too late to see the real action. In the really early morning hours, auctions take place for the freshest fish possible. On my way through the outer market, I passed this beautiful specimen partially exposed in its Styrofoam container, waiting to be shipped somewhere. Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

Fish in Plastic and Styrofoam

Large White Seattle Fireworks thumbnail
4th of July fireworks explode and shimmer over Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA. July 2008.

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Min the Maltese thumbnail
Portrait of Min, the Maltese.


White Rose thumbnail
A white rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, California.

White Rose, Balboa Park Rose Garden

Fireworks thumbnail
Fireworks, July 2007.

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