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Seattle pink sunset thumbnail

I handheld this shot so it’s not as sharp as it should be, but I wanted to share it because it’s a great example of the beautiful sunsets we have here. West Seattle looking back towards downtown Seattle, WA. 2008.

Pink Seattle sunset, skyline

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Full Description: Scenic Seattle 2009 is a 12-month calendar featuring stunning year-round views of the Seattle skyline and Space Needle as well as nearby landmarks, such as Snoqualmie Falls and Skagit Valley. All images in Scenic Seattle were provided by OnFocusPhoto.com.

Calendar Preview:

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Bald Eagle and Space Needle thumbnail
Bald Eagle perched in front of the Seattle skyline, as shot from West Seattle. September 2007.

Bald Eagle and Space Needle, Horizontal

Woman at sunset thumbnail
A woman on a beach at sunset, half-turned towards the setting sun.

Woman Half-Turned Towards Sunset

Kekaha Beach Park sunset thumbnail
The sun sets at Kekaha Beach Park on the island of Kauai. September 2005.

Sunset at Kekaha Beach Park, Kauai

Field of Yellow Daffodils thumbnail
A field of yellow daffodils at sunset in Skagit Valley, WA, April 2008.

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Daffodils at Sunset, Farm

Rainier Cold Storage thumbnail
Sunset at the former site of Rainier Cold Storage and Ice Stock House in Georgetown. In the background, you can see a flock of birds flying.

Rainier Cold Storage Demolition

Woman with scarf in silhouette thumbnail
Woman in silhouette waves her scarf at the beach. She is backlit by the setting sun.

Woman with Scarf in Silhouette

Sunset Seattle thumbnail
Seattle skyline as the sun sets and golden light reflects from the buildings, 2006

City of Gold

Sun setting at Discovery park thumbnail
The sun sets beyond Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. January 2008.

Sun sets at Discovery Park