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Stars on San Francisco Beach

Stars on a San Francisco beach, March 2009.

Stars on San Francisco Beach

Sunrise in Kauai thumbnail
The sky over Poipu Beach at sunrise. Kauai, Hawaii. September 2005.

The Sky at Sunrise, Poipu Beach, Kauai

Sunrise over Downtown Seattle thumbnail
Sunrise over Downtown Seattle skyline. Taken a little after 5am on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

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Cactus thumbnail
Cactus at the Balboa Park rose and cactus garden in San Diego, CA, December 2007.

Cactus, Vignetting

Blue wheel thumbnail
Blue wheel in Gasworks Park.

Blue wheel edge, Gasworks Park

White Rose thumbnail
A white rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, California.

White Rose, Balboa Park Rose Garden

Cactus Garden, Balboa Park thumbnail
Cactus Garden, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

Cactus Garden, Balboa Park

Sunlight bursts through cloud thumbnail
Sunlight streams around a cloud at sunrise on Poipu Beach located in Kauai, Hawaii.

Sun bursts through clouds

Spreckelsville Beach thumbnail
Spreckelsville Beach is just north of the Kahului Airport, Maui, Hawaii. It is a popular spot with windsurfers.

Spreckelsville Beach

Sunrise in Poipu, Kauai
Sunrise in Poipu, Kauai

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Sunrise in Poipu, Kauai