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Store windows on the streets of Rome at night. The neon lights changed color every minute or so. October 2010.

Store Windows at Night, Rome

Crowded Tokyo intersection, August 2008.

Like everyone else who has seen the devastating images coming out of Sendai, the earthquake in Japan is on my mind. I wish there was more I could do to help.

Neon intersection, Tokyo

A woman poses for a souvenir picture in the middle of a busy street. Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. October 2010.

Woman Posing, Arc de Triomphe

This street was somewhere around Shinjuku and Kabukicho, Tokyo’s Red Light District. It’s a pretty typical scene of how overwhelming it can be just to go out and look for a place to eat dinner. August 2008.

Crowded Street, Tokyo

Yoyogi Street thumbnail
A street in Yoyogi. Tokyo, Japan. August 2008

Yoyogi Street, Day

Red lantern thumbnail
A red lantern hangs outside a restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

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Red lantern, Shinjuku

Akihabara Electric Town thumbnail
Akihabara Electric Town, nerd heaven, Japan. August 2008.

Akihabara Electric Town

UW Street Fair Booth Photo thumbnail

I survived my first festival! I just want to thank everyone who made it out to say hello, and all of the people on whom I forced my business card. Husband Jeremy and I are exhausted, but it was a great experience with lots of positive feedback.

A frequent question I received today is: how long have you been a photographer? I hemmed and hawed and said, well, I attended photography school in 2002… but actually I’ve been taking pictures since I got my first camera in the first grade; it was blue and orange and took 110 film. I remember it came camping with me on a Girl Scout trip and I took photos of every single tree I saw. When my parents realized I’d “wasted” all my film on identical trees, they kindly suggested I start narrowing it down to the perfect tree — that one tree that represents all trees. Also, developing film is expensive, and uh, you don’t even like trees. I’m afraid I’m not making much sense, but basically I want to say that my parents taught me to look for a representative moment that conveys what I want to say. And most importantly, think about what you want to say before you end up with twelve accidental shots of your feet. My goal is for that thought and planning to come across in my pictures. So to obliterate this tangent and answer the previous question, I’ve been a photographer for 24 years.

As you’ve probably guessed, the above photo is my first official booth. We arranged it differently the second day, but used all the same materials. I apologize if I’ve been incoherent, I’m just so excited that something I worked so hard and so long for is finally happening. And also, it is time for bed. And a second also: it is a new experience to sell my own work. I learned a lot this weekend.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for looking. Just, thanks.

University District Street Fair: Booth Photo

Portland puddle reflection thumbnail
Reflection of a downtown Portland building in a street puddle.

Portland puddle and reflection

Gum thumbnail
Gum stuck to a brick wall in Post Alley, Pike Place Market in the shape of “29.”