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I’m in the mood for something broken. Here’s a shot of some busted windows at the former site of Rainier Cold Storage and Ice Stock House in Georgetown. February 2008.

Stars on San Francisco Beach

Stars on a San Francisco beach, March 2009.

Fall Leaves thumbnail

I haven’t taken many pictures this fall, so here’s one of my favorites from last year that I never posted. I took it in the park across the street from where I live. A circular polarizer gives the blue sky extra punch.

I love this season.

Field of pumpkins thumbnail

I took this picture last year at a pumpkin field/corn maze in Snohomish County, Washington. It was a highly wholesome day that involve roasted corn, apple butter, and watching a hot air balloon hover above a field.

Sunrise in Kauai thumbnail
The sky over Poipu Beach at sunrise. Kauai, Hawaii. September 2005.

Spreckelsville Beach thumbnail
Spreckelsville Beach, Maui. October 2005.

Hot Pink Rose thumbnail
A hot pink rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, December 2007.

Cherry blossoms thumbnail
Cherry blossoms framed against the blue sky, in West Seattle, Washington, March 2008.

White Rose thumbnail
A white rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, California.

Pink Rose, Blue Sky thumbnail
A rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, California.