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Night in Shinjuku thumbnail
A night-time stroll through Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

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Night in Shinjuku, Fisheye

Seattle Green Fireworks thumbnail
4th of July fireworks explode and shimmer over Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA. July 2008.

Reflection thumbnail
The reflection of a branch in a pool of water. Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA. May 2008.

Branch Reflection in Pond

Pond reflection thumbnail
Pond at the Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA. The image was digitally manipulated to simulate an Orton slide sandwich. Basically you overexpose two copies of the same image, blur one of the copies, and then stack them together to create this effect. This was my first attempt.

The Orton technique is explained in this Nature Photographers article by Darwin Wiggett.

Lilypads in Pond thumbnail
Lilypads in a pond at the Japanese Garden near the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. May 2008.

Lilypads, Japanese Garden May 2008

Boats at La Conner, WA thumbnail
Waterfront at La Conner, a small town in Skagit Valley, WA.

Sun setting at Discovery park thumbnail
The sun sets beyond Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. January 2008.

Sun sets at Discovery Park

San Diego city skyline thumbnail
Buildings on the San Diego, California, skyline, shot from the popular tourist destination, Seaport Village.

San Diego Skyline at Seaport Village

Botanical Gardens thumbnail
Sunny December day at the Botanical Gardens, Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

Botanical Gardens, Balboa Park

Reflection in Mirror Lake thumbnail
Reflection of surrounding mountains in Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park, California.

Mirror Lake Reflection