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One of the things I’ve been working on — instead of posting pictures — is a new way to let customers purchase On Focus Photo prints directly from the printer I use and love. The benefits are:

  • Prints will ship super fast
  • Wider variety of pay options
  • Print size offerings are vastly improved

If you like, you can also have them mat and frame pictures… and they provide a preview of what the final product would look like. They do great work.

You can see my new store at gallery.onfocusphoto.com. It’s slowly coming together and will someday soon replace the existing store. I don’t have an official switch-over date yet, but it’s on its way!

On Focus Photo: Now with less middleman!

I apologize for the sporadic posts. I just haven’t been too inspired to take photos — so I decided to do something about it. I bought a new Nikon camera body and it should arrive tomorrow.

I’m very excited to own this particular model and I can already feel myself looking at the world differently again. By that I mean, when I’m not actively looking for shots I tend to walk around head down, not noticing my surroundings. It is a waste of eyeballs. But when I have that camera in reach and I seek out scenes to capture, it’s a different experience. I frame whatever I’m seeing mentally, I calculate the exposure I would like to try, I imagine what it would look like after a color boost in PhotoShop or with a specific filter.

To me, cameras are a way to focus on a world outside my head. Does that make sense? Sometimes the strain of seeing the world that way is too much, and I reject it. Like when I’m on vacation, where the unfamiliar heightens perception in a totally different way and it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I HAVE to put the camera down and just experience life already. But when I’m in a rut, able to predict my movements to work and from work, to bed and to the bus, I need something like this camera to remind me how unimportant my routine is against the bigger backdrop. Then I want everyone else to see exactly what I see. Apparently I am a photo-exhibitionist. Is there such a thing?

Well, that was long-winded.

All of this is to say, I am excited to announce that tomorrow I should be receiving my Nikon D700. If that’s an unfamilar model then let me just say this camera is very very fancy and a huge upgrade to my Nikon D70. I am looking forward to what we can make together.

Rocket trail thumbnail

I shot this odd cloud formation over Santa Barbara, CA. I believe it is an exhaust trail from something launched at the fairly close Air Force base.

Exhaust Trail, Sky

Woman and Stroller at Alcatraz thumbnail

On a trip to San Francisco with friends, I visited Alcatraz. I saw this woman with her stroller in a pensive moment, and wanted to capture it.

Woman with Stroller, Alcatraz

Washed out thumbnail

This is a picture of a classmate at photography school. We were practising overexposure techniques this day.

Woman’s Face, Overexposed

I am taking a vacation day from posting pictures. I hope it is not a terrible disappointment.

Have a great weekend!

A Day Off

Daffodil thumbnail

Daffodil in a field, golden sky afternoon, Skagit Valley, Seattle, WA.

Daffodil, Field

Graffiti in Pioneer Square thumbnail

“Don’t Let Poetry Die,” graffiti on a door in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA.

Don’t Let Poetry Die, Pioneer Square

Harajuku Station thumbnail

Outside Harajuku Station, Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

Harajuku Station

Meiji Jingu Garden thumbnail

Entrance to the Meiji Jingu Garden, Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

Entrance to the Meiji Jingu Garden