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Closeup of spider thumbnail
Closeup of a spider in its web

Bald Eagle in front of the Space Needle thumbnail
Bald Eagle in front of the Space Needle and the rest of the Seattle, Washington skyline

Pumpkin in a field thumbnail
Pumpkin shot at an angle under a blue sky, Snohomish, Washington

Red and orange fall leaves thumbnail
Red and orange autumn leaves against a blue sky

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Red gear thumbnail
Red gear, Gasworks Park

Rusted metal silo thumbnail
Rusted metal silo with stairs at Gasworks Park.

Snoqualmie Falls thumbnail
Snoqualmie Falls, August 2003

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Girl on a Mountain thumbnail
Girl stands on a mountain in San Diego, CA.

French Bulldog thumbnail
Portrait of a French Bulldog

Schnauzer thumbnail
Portrait of a Schnauzer