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Birds in Flight, Lake Sammamish

Seattle pink sunset thumbnail

I handheld this shot so it’s not as sharp as it should be, but I wanted to share it because it’s a great example of the beautiful sunsets we have here. West Seattle looking back towards downtown Seattle, WA. 2008.

Pink Seattle sunset, skyline

I’m excited to announce my “Scenic Seattle 2009” calendar is now on sale. It features best selling images from On Focus Photo in a handy 12-month package. You can buy a copy here.

Full Description: Scenic Seattle 2009 is a 12-month calendar featuring stunning year-round views of the Seattle skyline and Space Needle as well as nearby landmarks, such as Snoqualmie Falls and Skagit Valley. All images in Scenic Seattle were provided by OnFocusPhoto.com.

Calendar Preview:

I bought a sample copy for myself and I’m very pleased with the quality. This is the most inexpensive way to purchase the most popular selling images of On Focus Photo. Thanks!


Black and white Seattle picture thumbnail
A black-and-white shot of the Seattle skyline that includes the Space Needle, from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill.

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Seattle Skyline from Queen Anne Hill

Sunrise over Downtown Seattle thumbnail
Sunrise over Downtown Seattle skyline. Taken a little after 5am on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

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Glowing window thumbnail
This window appears to glow from within in this small church building at Discovery Park, Seattle, WA. June 2008.

Mysterious Glowing Window

Bird thumbnail
Small bird with a red breast perches on tree branch in Discovery Park, Seattle, WA. June 2008.

Small Bird, Red Breast, Discovery Park

Mount Rainier thumbnail
Mount Rainier as shot from Discovery Park on a clear, cloudless day. Just beneath the volcano, you can see the West Seattle Bridge and some orange cranes at the Port of Seattle. June 2008.

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Reflection thumbnail
The reflection of a branch in a pool of water. Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA. May 2008.

Branch Reflection in Pond

Pond reflection thumbnail
Pond at the Japanese Garden, Seattle, WA. The image was digitally manipulated to simulate an Orton slide sandwich. Basically you overexpose two copies of the same image, blur one of the copies, and then stack them together to create this effect. This was my first attempt.

The Orton technique is explained in this Nature Photographers article by Darwin Wiggett.