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Ancient Roman Amphitheater, Tarragona, Spain. December 2012.

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Ancient Roman Amphitheater, Tarragona

Stars on San Francisco Beach

Stars on a San Francisco beach, March 2009.

Rough: Photofriday thumbnail

Sand and rock set against the sea in Kauai, Hawaii.

This photo was posted for the Photofriday.com challenge. This week’s challenge is “Rough.”

Sunrise in Kauai thumbnail
The sky over Poipu Beach at sunrise. Kauai, Hawaii. September 2005.

The Sky at Sunrise, Poipu Beach, Kauai

Woman at sunset thumbnail
A woman on a beach at sunset, half-turned towards the setting sun.

Spreckelsville Beach thumbnail
Spreckelsville Beach, Maui. October 2005.

Three Posts thumbnail
On a sunny day, three posts in the water at Lincoln Park, West Seattle.

Three Posts

Spreckelsville Beach thumbnail
Spreckelsville Beach framed by red soil, Maui, 2005.

Woman with scarf in silhouette thumbnail
Woman in silhouette waves her scarf at the beach. She is backlit by the setting sun.

Woman with Scarf in Silhouette

Wild dolphin in ocean thumbnail
A dolphin swims in the Pacific Ocean, spotted from a boat sailing out to the Forbidden Island, Hawaii.

Wild dolphin in ocean