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Store windows on the streets of Rome at night. The neon lights changed color every minute or so. October 2010.

Store Windows at Night, Rome


Green lizard in Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans. May 2009.

Green lizard, cemetery

Great Buddha statue thumbnail
The bronze Kamakura Great Buddha, also known as Daibutsu, is thought to have been cast in 1252 A.D. Kamakura, Japan. August 2008. It is 13.35 meters tall and weighs roughly 93 tons.

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Daibutsu, Kamakura

Teahouse thumbnail
The Kakuuntei teahouse in the gardens at Meiji Jingu. Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine Gyoen, Teahouse

Greenish Seattle  Fireworks thumbnail
4th of July fireworks explode and shimmer over Elliott Bay, Seattle, WA. July 2008.

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Spreckelsville Beach thumbnail
Spreckelsville Beach, Maui. October 2005.

Spreckelsville Beach, Rocks and Sky

Snoqualmie Falls Vertical with Green thumbnail
The Snoqualmie Falls roar with increased volume after snow melt, WA. May 2008.

Snoqualmie Falls, Vertical with Green Below

Pumpkin thumbnail
A bright orange pumpkin in a pumpkin patch in Snohomish, WA. October 2007.

Orange Pumpkin

Tree thumbnail
This tree is on the hike down to Snoqualmie Falls. The Falls are located on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, WA.

Tree near Snoqualmie Falls

Yosemite Waterfall and Walkway thumbnail
Upper Yosemite Falls and walkway through Meadow.

I miss Yosemite Valley. When I think of it, I think of the way the light falls, and the crispness of color, and the smell of pine trees and the sound of water rushing over rocks. I think of trails that go straight up until I have to bend over gasping and I think of sinking ankle deep into snow, lugging my camera on my back, and dodging tourists. Sitting at a picnic table and eating pizza, or rushing for the scrambled eggs at the buffet. Thumbing through prints in the Ansel Adams Gallery or stowing my toothpaste in a bear locker. It’s just a beautiful place and I’m more homesick for Curry Village than any other place I’ve rested my head.

Yosemite Waterfall and Meadow