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Cocoon Tower thumbnail

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower is located on the west side of Shinjuku. Jer and I walked past it one night on the way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. As you can see, it has a very striking design. The fisheye lens makes it look positively geodesic. Tokyo, Japan. 2008.

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, Shinjuku

Night in Shinjuku thumbnail
A night-time stroll through Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. August 2008.

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Night in Shinjuku, Fisheye

Self-Portrait: Photofriday thumbnail

Me and my husband in Shinjuku. (Tokyo, Japan, August 2008.)

This photo was posted for the Photofriday.com challenge. This week’s challenge is “Self-Portrait.”

Photofriday.com: Self-Portrait

Black and white door thumbnail
A door in the Seattle Underground, 2007.

Door in the Underground, Black and White

Cactus thumbnail
Cactus at the Balboa Park rose and cactus garden in San Diego, CA, December 2007.

Cactus, Vignetting

Tree thumbnail
This tree is on the hike down to Snoqualmie Falls. The Falls are located on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, WA.

Tree near Snoqualmie Falls

Botanical Gardens Interior thumbnail
Interior of the Botanical Building at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. December 2007.

Interior, Botanical Building

Hot Pink Rose thumbnail
A hot pink rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, December 2007.

Hot Pink Rose on a Sunny Winter Day

Seaport Village sign thumbnail
Seaport Village is a popular tourist destination that features fine shopping and dining in San Diego, California, December 2007.

Seaport Village, San Diego Harbor

White Rose thumbnail
A white rose at the Balboa Park Rose Garden, San Diego, California.

White Rose, Balboa Park Rose Garden