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View of Seattle from Kerry Park thumbnail
Twilight view of Space Needle and downtown Seattle, Washington, from Kerry Park. Kerry Park is located on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill.

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View of Space Needle from Kerry Park

San Diego city skyline thumbnail
Buildings on the San Diego, California, skyline, shot from the popular tourist destination, Seaport Village.

San Diego Skyline at Seaport Village

Rainbow over Seattle skyline thumbnail
Between showers, a rainbow appears over the Seattle skyline, November, 2007.

Rainbow, Seattle

Portland puddle reflection thumbnail
Reflection of a downtown Portland building in a street puddle.

Portland puddle and reflection

Gum thumbnail
Gum stuck to a brick wall in Post Alley, Pike Place Market in the shape of “29.”


Seattle skyline with Heart thumbnail
Downtown office building in the Seattle skyline displays a festive Valentine’s Day heart.

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Closeup Detail of Barbed Wire Fence
Closeup detail of a barbed wire fence in downtown Seattle, WA.

Barbed wire fence

Foggy sunset over the Seattle skyline
Foggy sunset over the Seattle skyline

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Foggy sunset in Seattle

Sunrise over the Seattle Skyline
Sunrise over downtown Seattle shot at 5:30am, September 2005.

Parking meter detail in downtown Seattle, WA thumbnail
May 2007, Parking Meter in downtown Seattle, WA

Parking meter detail