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I will update this page to list any camera gear or services I find essential.

I am loving the light kit I bought in January. The kit came with a Softbox and Umbrella, plus everything you need to get started. (two light stands, travel bag, cables) Here’s a link:

I paired it with (wireless) Interfit Strobies Transmitter/Receiver:

The transmitter and receiver attach to the camera body and off-camera flash respectively to trigger ALL the lights to go off at the same time. Wirelessly.

So when I shoot, I set up a third lightstand (bought separately) as a backlight. I attach the Interfit receiver to the light stand, and then the camera’s flash attaches to the top of the receiver. (Lightstand + receiver + flash = my backlight)

Then I slide the transmitter on my camera body’s hotshoe. When I press the shutter, it fires the flash, which triggers the softbox and umbrella. That’s my portrait setup, right there.

  • June 12th, 2011
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